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Hello everyone!
After 4 years trying to ripp this dvd, now I understand how to do it and finally can share with you. The link is on mega (contains 4 file and it's around 3gb). There're two disc (7th and 8th September 2013). I put the list of songs on spoiler below. If you want the files, please give me your e-mail address that you use for mega account on comment. I'll invite you so you can view the files.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
<Disc1 ~Estate & Autunno~>
1.オープニング(Estate ver.)
3.ハッピーバースディコーナー(Estate ver.)
4.ドラマ「100 万人の金色のコルダ ~アトラクティヴ・セッション~」
5.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~星奏学院編~
6.「Waterside Harmony」
8.バラエティコーナー「金色のコルダ 10th メモリアルクイズ」(Estate ver.)
14.エンディング(Estate ver.)
15.アンコール(Estate ver.)
16.ドラマ「金色のコルダ2 f~星空トリオ~」
17.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~至誠館編~
18.バラエティコーナー導入ドラマ「華麗にTip-Top Shape、勝負はBlack&White」
21.「Clockwork Town」
23.「That's the life」
<Disc2 ~Inverno & Primavera~>

1.オープニング(Primavera ver.)
3.ハッピーバースディコーナー(Primavera ver.)
5.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~神南編~
6.「Heart Killer」
8.バラエティコーナー「金色のコルダ 10th メモリアルクイズ」(Primavera ver.)
12.エンディング(Primavera ver.)
14.アンコール(Primavera ver.)
15.ダブルアンコール「BLUE SKY BLUE」
16.終演ナレーション + スタッフロール(Primavera ver.)
17.ドラマ「金色のコルダ2 f アンコール~夢の先にある夢~」
18.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~天音学園編~
21.「Walking together」
23.「My word~約束~」
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16 October 2015 @ 12:57 am
Late post as usual, but I want to share this happy news to all~
10 October was was my cello's 5th birthday. On the same day, my UtaPri package arrived! Finally it's here!

Last month I was shocked seeing there's someone who already uploaded it, though mine haven't arrive. I thought it'll come out one month after its released, yet it's so soon. I rarely into popular fandom such as Utapri, so my reaction might be too much. *ahem*

bought it from animate.
It's a bit expensive form BD one.
Actually I want BD version,
yet I'm afraid I couldn't play it on my laptop.
I'm not very fond of BD (I never had any)

This when he sang A.I.
It's my favorite song

It's when he sang 'sexy sexy'
*cough* *cough*

I use this picture for my twitter header.
Yep, I'm one of his fan.

12 February 2015 @ 03:08 pm
Finished reading all of them a momment ago. My comment is Natsume is so much adoreable. Subaru still childish even he's old enough. I think Natsume hold a lot inside him. I think the other triplets didn't understand him. I think Natsume can be open if everyone really ask him, but if don't he'll keep itu inside. I'm glad Ema still asking till she get his answer for sure. Sometimes i don't like girl like that but if it'ss their case, i must agree. if she's not keeping asking (means giving more chance to natsume so he can speak his mind) they won't be together in the end.

Awwww I'm so happy to see Natsume being flirty and pervy like that in the end~~
12 February 2015 @ 01:37 pm
I last night I did my part of my project with a friend. It's story, fanfiction and a bit like dream novel for both of us about Gundam Seed. We both like Gundam Seed and the second season of this series too and kinda dissapointed how it end (we don't like Lunamarian, hehe). So we make a story, after that event and we haven't done it for years. It's already four years since we come up with this idea and only three chapters done.

After i type like hyena, i post it in our blog (we used to be live far away but now we live in the same house, studying in the same university). TThen i remember i want to make my last holiday being mor productive. So i opened my Sainkoku Monogatari Novel and tried to face all kanji. I tried to translate it's summary first but only get 6 line... I couldn't sleep after that. And yeah... its kanji was too much for newbie like me. Then I ask a friend of mine who bought Brocon novel how many kanji does the novel has and i think i could read it if it's not using old language like my Sainkoku Monogatari.

I would like to read it's ln and tried to find raw on net, but end up finding its manga more interesting. Brocon ft Natsume! Oh my... i like Natsume so much. He's my favorite guy in this series and i don't think i can stand to read its novel where ema didn't end up with him (that'ss why my friend so hyped and buying that volume of its novel).

Right now I'm still reading english translation. There' five chapters in there but other than that i'll read its raw and might post again in here. 
27 January 2015 @ 11:02 am
Am reading online manga since morning. First is Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. This series quite mellow for me. I'm trying to be positive and think it won end like that. I've sighreading it's raw where Kousei see Kaori's death. I thought it would be someone else but.... nah, i still waiting for english translation and being positive before i see that it's the truth.

Then i read Tsubasa World Chronicle. I don't like it how they put Syaoran (Tsubasa) being more more gary stu. Yes indeed he already in that phase but why everyone need Syaoran's help that eagerly. Seems this story will have somethin mooree in common with xxxHolic. I think Syaoran is being thoughtfull. He's not easily do magic and sometimes it bother me, i want more show... but in the last chapter he did it, he make a small lightning fire... really small so enemy wouldn't notice their presence. Hufth.

After that i read Kuroshitsuji. This manga having an ebhiiilll mangaka.There's a side stroy where Vincent, Ciel, dan Diedrich cooking together. It's so cute and adorable. But it's in the past and Little Ciel tell something odd. I don't know his true nature, really. We don't know what Phantomhives doing and how cruel they can be. We need more for Phantomhives background story, but it still focusing in Finnian. Don't know how long it takes to reach final arc. I want to know more about the other servants too and maybe it link together then... tadaa! we know the truth about Phantomhive. Tanaka-san makes a move and there there... Old Diedrich. Not handsome but still the same inside.

Okay then. I'm going to read again. This time is Kamisama Hajimemashita~

I'll post later

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